Monday, October 6, 2014

Experimental J-Head with a Vespel Polyimide body and Rulon liner shipping out for field testing

For months, I have had a piece of Vespel Polyimide sitting on a shelf.  Last week, a customer asked if I had anything that would print at a higher temperature than the standard J-Head.  After I mentioned that Vespel Polyimide is rated for 288 degrees he expressed interest in testing it.  This weekend, I finished machining it and it is shipping out today.

As PTFE is only rated for 260 degrees, a Rulon liner had to be used as Rulon is rated for 288 degrees.  Since this hot-end is quite special, I decided to assemble it with a 2024 aluminum nozzle.  Set screws have also been added to retain the heater cartridge.